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    My Fitness Business Bootcamp

    If you follow me on Instagram (@pc_coachingandconsulting) then you might have seen I’ve launched a ‘business bootcamp’, a specialist coaching programme for fitness entrepreneurs.

    There are 2 fundamental differences between my bootcamp and an actual bootcamp:

    1. You won’t be made to sweat, wear lyra, or roll about in mud.
    2. There are no other bootcampers, you’re on your own.

    This is a 3 month programme to get in shape, for 2021 to be your most profitable year yet.

    You might run a gym, a studio, an online brand, maybe you’re a PT looking to open a new training facility, or looking to rebrand, or maybe you’ve just lost your mojo with your business and need some new direction.

    This is a personalised 1-2-1 style of coaching. We start with an audit of your current business which involves a pre coaching questionnaire and a half day workshop. I prefer that we meet in person for this workshop session, but it can be done over zoom (it’s just a lot of screen time!) In this session I am going to ask you lots of specific questions about you, your business, your skills, and your vision. Some questions you’ll have answers to, some might leave you blank and help us identify the gaps. That’s a good thing, and overall there is no such thing as wrong in any of my sessions, the only thing I ask is that you’re as open and honest as you can be.

    A really important part of the initial workshop is to set some goals. I like to set macro and micro goals with you, i.e. big picture things, and smaller more manageable goals.  Goals are really personal, that’s why this is just me and you, and not a group session.

    Then we make a personalised plan to meet the goals – what actions you need to take, what channels you need to activate, what hurdles to overcome.

    Throughout the 3 months, we have a weekly check in, and then each month a more intense longer session. You have access to me on whatsapp and email 24/7 as well as a shared drive where all relevant documents are collated.  

    I only have 3 spaces in the October intake for this course. The investment is £350 per month, considerably cheaper than my regular 1-2-1 coaching for CEO’s and corporate management. That’s because I just want to help, I love fitness, and I want to be part of the journey for 3 small fitness businesses that are going to go on and achieve great things.

    What am I looking for:

    • 3 individuals who are self employed.
    • Are genuinely wanting 2021 to be the best year of their business.
    • Are committed, ambitious, open and passionate.

    1 of the 3 places has been filled and 2 spots remaining with lots of interest. Drop me an email if you want to book a free 20 minute phone consultation

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