Lessons to My Younger Self

This is an open letter to Phoebe of her early twenties; lessons I would tell that version of myself that would probably make professional life easier and more enjoyable for me.

1. Routine

It is not until the last year of my working life that I’ve managed to get a proper weekly routine. Younger me never valued routine, it was go go go all the time, say yes to everything, take each day and each week as it comes. The routine I have now is invaluable for my mental health and my clarity. I am strong willed with certain elements of that routine now and won’t jeopardise it for much.

2. Self Learning

I wish in my early twenties I made better use of the resources around me. Since finding myself in a position of management, I realised what a lonely place that can often be professionally. I owe a lot to the collection of factual books and podcasts that I digest now as a method of self coaching, and I wish I’d always utilised those resources right back to my early twenties.

3. Network 

I must confess that I am a terrible networker, it isn’t something I particularly enjoy and I find it very difficult. I can be known to dodge a few networking opportunities. Only now do I realise the true value of the network of professional contacts you have around you, I would tell my younger self to be a better networker, to grow and nurture the professional relationships around you from the minute you start your career.

There are several more life lessons I would probably lecture myself on if I felt there was much value in it, but I’ll stop here with those top 3 lessons to a younger Phoebe.

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