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    Running a business is incredibly hard work, it’s stressful, it’s lonely, it’s gut-wrenching and tear jerking. It’s filled with moments of joy and many more moments of panic and despair; it is a rollercoaster.

    I help business leaders in their early years to make sense of the stress and chaos through one to one business performance coaching. I have a fairly no-nonsense approach, so get ready to work hard and see some results.

    We will work through your business challenges, identify the root causes, and take action. Your business is going to start performing better than it ever has, and you’re going to feel a new kind of awesome. Think of working with me as like having a business coach and a consultant rolled into one. Are you ready for that?

    Each coaching journey is unique, but over a 12 week programme with me you can expect to set goals and targets together, redevelop your business strategy, we’ll work on spotting opportunities, and get you more pounds in the bank. We’ll also work on some of the psychological techniques that make you a great leader. Get in touch to start the journey and start having more of the moments of joy and less moments of panic.


    Work With Me

    1:1 Coaching:

    1:1 Coaching:

    Being a business leader is an emotional role, and it can seem very overwhelming having to deal with the myriad of tasks that you have to. From finding new business, managing employees, dealing with clients, managing your overheads, making strategic decisions… that’s a lot for any one person to juggle. When you’re juggling all of those things, sometimes you just can’t see the wood for the trees.  I know, I’ve been there.

    As your coach, I am here to help you work through specific business challenges, help you make those difficult decisions, and be a strategic thinking partner to keep you on track and make better decisions that will positively impact your business (and you personally).

    Each coaching journey is unique but topics you can expect to cover include

    • Goal setting
    • Vision and strategy for your business (and for you!)
    • How to spot lucrative opportunities
    • Your marketing plan
    • Messaging and communication
    • Effective Leadership
    • Stress Management
    • Confidence in Business

    Option 1: 12 Week Coaching Programme
    Option 2: 6 Month Coaching Programme
    Bespoke Programmes Available on Special Request

    Other Courses I Offer

    Effective Leadership

    A 4 week programme for new managers, that teaches you the skills and gives you the confidence to manage a team successfully.

    • Leadership vs Effective Leadership
    • Think like a leader
    • Act like a leader
    • Processes and Practices

    Power Session

    This is a fast paced, intense half day workshop where I come into your offices and we address one specific business challenge and work through it together. Think lots of post it notes, lots of caffeine and lots of energy. During this session I will play less the role of a coach, and more the role of your strategic thinking partner. You might want to book a power session to guide you through a big upcoming pitch, or for strategic advice on your social media, or maybe it’s to work through a team restructure. These sessions are really useful for anyone wanting shorter term and more affordable business advice. Send me a message with your challenge and I’ll tell you honestly if I’m able to help.

    Confidence Workshop

    I prefer to build confidence over a longer term tailored one to one coaching programme, but for those who want a ‘try before you buy’ type offering, then sign up for this 90 minute personal workshop which will give you a renewed confidence to succeed in your role at work. This is for anyone who is being held back by negative internal self talk.

    My Story

    My background is in business to business events, where I spent 10 years in the high-energy agency world. I started my career in project management, producing large scale creative events in London and around the UK. This stage of my career was exciting and fast-paced, I produced large scale productions for well known high street fashion brands, restaurant chains, car companies and the top consulting and financial firms in London. This role was a finely tuned juggling act of selling, planning, designing, budgeting, negotiating, occasionally fire fighting, and mostly revolved around hard deadlines and meeting budgets. I became alright at this juggling act, and soon moved on to my next circus trick, and at the aged of 25 I became a Manager Director of an events company; let’s call this one plate spinning.

    I loved this job, I threw my heart and soul into it for 5 years, it was an invaluable experience that has shaped who I am today. I won’t lie to you though, it was a rollercoaster, and sometimes a pretty lonely one. I would look at my friends in the City having long boozy lunches with their colleagues and sometimes I wished that was me. I’m really proud of what we achieved; the agency had been running for a couple of years when I took over but it wasn’t making any money. In the first year I turned it around from loss making into a 6 figure net profit. After steadying the ship I then began to grow it, hiring new staff, securing new clients, moving offices and continuing to spin all the plates that one does when running a small business.  

    One of my most loved parts of the job was mentoring my staff, and getting the best out of the team around me. I was lucky to have really wonderful people to work with. I firmly believe that people are at the heart of any successful business, and if you put your people first you will see results with your customers and your profits.  

    In 2019 it was time for a new challenge. Leaving the business I had grown and developed over the years was incredibly hard to do. I needed to do it for my own sanity and lifestyle balance. With my twenties coming to an end, I couldn’t carry on being a workaholic or I was going to miss out on other joys of life.

    Balance is one of my values in life, along with efficiency, honesty, integrity, optimism, respect, humour and freedom. Living a life in accordance with your values is what brings self-fulfilment. I developed this understanding after working with a coach of my own, and after taking some time to travel and find headspace. During this time I created my new business; Phoebe Cherry Coaching and Consulting.

    I love working with clients to help them live life by their values, but also to use my experience running a business and help mentor them in their own journeys, make good decisions and grow their businesses.

    A career in events develops many interesting and useful skills. One of the most useful, is the innate ability I now have to foresee and predict problems before anyone else. My brain has been trained to think one step ahead, and be ready for things before they happen.

    I still run the odd event here and there for some corporate clients which is thoroughly enjoyable. I am pleased to say I have finally found balance, and my work as a coach is incredibly rewarding. Additionally I have been able to make time for the important relationships with friends and family in my life. I also devote time to my passion of fitness, training daily and taking part in team competitions, and I’ve had the energy to create a wonderful home, I travel regularly, I’ve got a new puppy in my life, and I feel happier and more balanced than ever before.


    I also found your style of questioning to be really useful. An example of this would be when you were questioning me about my typical customer. It felt super uncomfortable, but being pushed like that really developed my thinking and got me to understand things on a much deeper level than any previous attempt.

    It was really useful to have you listen and direct thinking rather than making suggestions from the offset, which made me feel onboard with the ideas rather than something I was being told to do.

    It’s rare to find someone that listens, and remembers things and can refer back to things from previous conversations- this is what you do really well and it’s rare in people.

    I also never felt you were clock watching, which I have felt in other paid sessions I have with people. Conversation felt natural and you always managed to lead to some kind of conclusion and next steps within the hour- so pace was brilliant. I also loved how we worked through examples together, e.g. rewording the content on the website.

    Prior to the coaching sessions I was just working aimlessly, whereas (for the first time) I feel there is a clear purpose with tangible outcomes to assess the effectiveness of different approaches to help monetise my business. I also feel I have a sense of consistency and on a personal note I feel more confident

    Darius Business Owner

    Within a very short period of time, Phoebe completely understood us as a company and what we were looking to achieve. We agreed on KPIs and deliverables of work and it was delivered beyond expectations. Highly recommend Phoebe as someone who has great industry insights who ultimately I believe will save my business time and money – two things as a CEO I am always very conscious of!

    Bobby CEO and Founder

    Working with Phoebe helped improve my mindset going into meetings with clients, and using her imposter syndrome workshop I learnt to feel more confident and proud in what I am doing.

    Kyle Small Business Owner

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